PV System and Inverter Repairs

Whether it's a down inverter, ground fault, burnt mc4 connector, melted combiner or any other problem, we will find and repair your system and get it back up and running quickly.  We service and repair all brands of inverters including SATCON, PVPOWERED, AE, FRONIUS, SMA, SOLECTRA, SUNPOWER, etc.....

Solar PV Panel Cleaning

It's a fact, clean solar panels produce more power than soiled or dirty panels. Most commercial PV systems have never been cleaned, and their production is suffering. When was the last time a professional inspected and cleaned your solar panels?

Commercial PV System Monitoring

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing we are watching your system with our proprietary monitoring platform.   An outrageous HECO bill should not be your first indication that something is wrong with your system.  With our commercial PV monitoring system, we can detect and correct problems faster, ensuring maximum up time of your system. Packages are available with a live person monitoring your system 365 days a year.  We can alert you of a problem and dispatch a repair technician all in the same call!

Commercial PV System Thermal Imaging

We provide thermal imaging with infrared cameras to find cell hot spots that are hidden from sight and damaged panels. These images are archived over time and are key pieces of information to assist in warranty claims with module manufacturers.

Ground Mount Vegetation Control and Maintenance

We provide regular service to solar ground mount sites to perform vegetation control, including weed removal, grass cutting, tree trimming, and site inspection.  We can also provide security consulting and security monitoring services as well.  Vegetation control by a qualified solar technician will provide you with significantly more value than than of just a "landscaper".

Service Maintenance Agreements

We offer preventative maintenance and service, including combiner box and string voltage readings, fuse checks, inverter filter cleaning, rust abatement, conduit checks for water tightness and visual system inspections following a detailed checklist based on manufacturer recommended maintenance.  Every major inverter manufacturer lists "lack of proper maintenance" as a condition that will void the warranty.  Don't let this happen to your system.  Let us put together a custom Service and Maintenance Plan for your PV asset.

Lighting Repair and Maintenance

We offer troubelshooting and repair of commercial lighting systems. Whether you have lights out that are causing a safety and liability issue, or want to look into upgrading or retrofitting your existing lighting to LED, give us a call today.  We are able to perform emergency lighting repair work, as well as scheduled lighting maintenance to meet your needs.